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This edited book is a collection of selected research papers presented at the 2022 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education Technology (AIET 2022), held in Wuhan, China, on July 1–3, 2022.

AIET establishes a platform for AI in education researchers to present research, exchange innovative ideas, propose new models, as well as demonstrate advanced methodologies and novel systems. The book is divided into five main sections – 1) AI in Education in the Post-COVID New Norm, 2) Emerging AI Technologies, Methods, Systems and Infrastructure, 3) Innovative Practices of Teaching and Assessment Driven by AI and Education Technologies, 4) Curriculum, Teacher Professional Development and Policy for AI in Education, and 5) Issues and Discussions on AI In Education and Future Development.

Through these sections, the book provides a comprehensive picture of the current status, emerging trends, innovations, theory, applications, challenges and opportunities of current AI in education research.

This timely publication is well aligned with UNESCO’s Beijing Consensus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education. It is committed to exploring how AI may play a role in bringing more innovative practices, transforming education in the post-pandemic new norm and triggering an exponential leap toward the achievement of the Education 2030 Agenda.

Providing broad coverage of recent technology-driven advances and addressing a number of learning-centric themes, the book is an informative and useful resource for researchers, practitioners, education leaders and policy-makers who are involved or interested in AI and education.

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