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Review of Marketing Research pushes the boundaries of marketing—broadening the marketing concept to make the world a better place. Here, leading scholars explore how marketing is currently shaping, and being shaped by, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The goal of imbuing artificial intelligence into robots has been actively pursued throughout the course of the last several decades. As a direct consequence of the proliferation of modern technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a crucial component of day-to-day life. This change was brought about by a combination of factors. The book “Artificial Intelligence

In this issue, guest editors bring their considerable expertise to this important topic. Provides in-depth reviews on the latest updates in the field, providing actionable insights for clinical practice. Presents the latest information on this timely, focused topic under the leadership of experienced editors in the field. Authors synthesize

This book describes the application of artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) concepts to develop predictive models that can be used to design alloy materials, including hard and soft magnetic alloys, nickel-base superalloys, titanium-base alloys, and aluminum-base alloys. Readers new to AI/ML algorithms can use this book as a starting point and use the MATLAB® and

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the major driving force behind many of today’s scientific and technological advancements as well as industrial innovations. In particular in China, the ‘Made in China 2025’ campaign has set the next wave of industrialization, underpinned by AI, on the national agenda. However, there remains many areas in AI still waiting for

The book introduces programming concepts through Python language. The simple syntax of Python makes it an ideal choice for learning programming. Because of the availability of extensive standard libraries and third-party support, it is rapidly evolving as the preferred programming language among the application developers. It will bolster your foundational skills in Artificial Intelligence. Make

This book, AICON 2022, constitutes the post-conference proceedings of the 4th EAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Communications and Networks, AICON 2022, held in Hiroshima, Japan, in November 30- December 1, 2022. The 9 full papers and 4 short papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 36 submissions. The papers detail research in the

In this comprehensive guide, “Artificial Intelligence: Understanding Future’s Language,” readers will learn about the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it’s transforming the future of technology. The book provides an in-depth overview of the different aspects of AI, including machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and more. With clear explanations and

‘The advent of machine learning-based AI systems demands that our industry does not just share toys, but builds a new sandbox in which to play with them.’ – Phil Bernstein The profession is changing. A new era is rapidly approaching when computers will not merely be instruments for data creation, manipulation and management, but, empowered