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This carefully researched book covers exciting trends in the dynamic technologies and business sectors comprising artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Many industries have put AI to work and continue to invest very heavily in advanced development.

Today, AI has synergies with many highly advanced technologies such as virtual reality, factory automation, robotics, self-driving cars, speech recognition and predictive analytics. This book includes complete details on the innovative, disruptive technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, plus our analysis of the practical applications of AI that will lead to exciting new products and services over the mid-term.

This reference tool includes statistical tables and thorough market discussions, as well as our highly respected trends analysis. It contains thousands of contacts for business and industry leaders, industry associations, Internet sites and other resources.

The corporate section includes our proprietary, in-depth profiles of over 300 leading companies in all facets of artificial intelligence, both public and private, U.S. and international. Here you'll find complete profiles of companies that are making news today--the largest, most successful corporations in the AI business and related sectors.

You'll find a complete overview, industry analysis and market research report in one superb, value-priced package.

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