John Frémont, founder and chief strategy officer, Hypergiant

‎“There’s no one thing that defines AI. It’s more like a tapestry of modern intelligent ‎technologies knit together in a strategic fashion that can then uplift and create a knowledge ‎base that is automated — where you can extrapolate findings from there.”1

Are you an entrepreneur eager to tap into the potential of AI but fearful of its complexity? We offer a workingsolution - A Busy Business Owner's Guide to AI: 50 Essential ‎Terms (The Series), a specially curated series clarifying key AI terminologies and operations.

We've broken down these simple articles into three easy-to-follow sections: Foundations, Elements and Processes. We lay bare the basics of AI in bite-sized, digestible segments. This isn't an exhaustive course, but rather designed to equip you with enough understanding to fortify your entrepreneurial endeavors with AI confidently.

These articles will provide you with practical insights into the vital terms that are making waves in today’s digital landscape. Now you can learn at your own pace without feeling swamped with all the things you take care of for your business day-to-day.

Take steps toward the coming business future, one term at a time!


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