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Throughout the world, artificial intelligence is reshaping businesses, trade interfaces, economic activities, and society as a whole. In recent years, scholarly research on artificial intelligence has emerged from a variety of empirical and applied domains of knowledge.

Computer scientists have developed advanced deep learning algorithms to leverage its utility in a variety of fields such as medicine, energy, travel, education, banking, and business management. Although a growing body of literature is shedding light on artificial intelligence-enabled difficulties, there is still much to be gained by applying fresh theory-driven techniques to this vital topic.

Revolutionizing Business Practices Through Artificial Intelligence and Data-Rich Environments provides a comprehensive understanding of the business systems, platforms, procedures, and mechanisms that underpin different stakeholders' experiences with reality-enhancing technologies and their transformative application in management.

The book also identifies areas in various business processes where artificial intelligence intervention would not only transform the business but would also make the business more sustainable. Covering key topics such as blockchain, business automation, and manufacturing, this reference work is ideal for computer scientists, business owners, managers, industry professionals, researchers, academicians, scholars, practitioners, instructors, and students.

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