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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most rapidly developing technology in the current Digital Age, but it is also the least defined, understood and adequately explained technological advance. This book brings together a group of leading experts who assess different aspects of AI from different disciplinary perspectives.

The book argues that robots are not living systems but the creations of humans who must ultimately be accountable for the actions of the robots that they have invented. Robots do not have ownership entitlement.

The book uses Intellectual Property Rights cases, evidence from roboticists, cybersecurity experts, Patent Court judges, technology officers, climate change scientists, economists, physicists and those from the legal profession to demonstrate that while AI can have very beneficial uses for many aspects of human economy and society, robots are not living systems autonomous from human decision making.

This book will be useful to those in banking and insurance, cybersecurity, lawyers, judges, technology officers, economists, scientist inventors, computer scientists, large and small companies and postgraduate students.

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