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Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication Technologies, Healthcare and Education: A Roadmap Ahead is designed as a reference text and discusses inter-dependability, communication and effective control for the betterment of services through artificial intelligence (AI), as well as the challenges and path ahead for AI in computing and control across different domains of business and human life.

The book accommodates technologies and application domains including backbone hardware, systems and methods for deployment, which help incorporating intelligence through different supervised and probabilistic learning approaches.

Features The book attempts to establish a connection between hardware, software technologies and algorithmic intelligence for data analysis and decision support in domains such as healthcare, education and other aspects of business and mobility.

It presents various recent applications of artificial intelligence in information and communication technologies such as search and optimization methods, machine learning, data representation and ontologies, and multi-agent systems.

The book provides a collection of different case studies with experimentation results than mere theoretical and generalized approaches. Covers most of the applications using the trending technologies like machine learning (ML), data science (DS), Internet of Things (IoT), and underlying information and communication technologies.

The book is aimed primarily at advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students studying computer science, computer applications, and information technology. Researchers and professionals will also find this book useful.

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